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National Squirrel Appreciation Day……

I thought readers would appreciate this one!

Originally a creation by Christy Hargrove, National Squirrel Appreciation Day on January 21 is a day to learn about and celebrate the world’s cutest rodents. Here’s the thing about squirrels: some people hate them and say that they’re “invasive species.” But can those people leap across a space ten times the length of their body?,%20National%20Squirrel,space%20ten%20times%20the%20length%20of%20their%20body? 

See the video clips:

Let it snow, let it snow……… | ianswalkonthewildside (

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Let it snow, let it snow………

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Peat bogs, climate and restoration

Peat bogs, climate and restoration

Peatlands: Ecology, Conservation & Heritage – Ian Rotherham (softback) (

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Glorious Graves Park……

On a happier note!

The scene this afternoon over the ‘Old Parks’ – the earliest medieval deer park


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Tesla hypocrisy – unbelievable

See the article below from the Guardian Newspaper – claims to being environmentally friendly go out of the window with bully-boy approach to over-riding eco-protection and local opinions – money talks and another big American capitalist mogul, Elon Musk, ‘reeks’ havoc on an extensive forest area.

This bears comparison with Donald Trump’s horrendous golf course activities along the Scottish coastline…..

Laws and protection that you and I would have to comply with are simply ignored and carbon-friendly promises become pretty well meaningless. This is further complicated in the case of Tesla cars because they also ignore the carbon and energy costs of manufacture – especially of the batteries – and also the associated pollution from the component materials. Then of course, where do they think the electricity comes from until we have genuinely low-carbon AND environmentally / eco-friendly energy production??? Double-speak capitalism at its worst – so cynical.

I came across a similarly appalling approach though on a smaller scale in Glossop close to the Peak District National Park and where an American-owned company called Carpenter Ltd of Glossop, a manufacturer, managed to get planning permission to clear-fell a small but very nice ancient woodland with some massive old trees and a lot of Victorian archaeology – a house and gardens linked to Beatrix Potter. They simply threatened to close the factory and lose all the jobs unless the local authority caved in – which is of course what happened. Money talks…….

The wood was bulldozed and the factory extended. Ancient woodlands as we all know are, after all, expendable.

I suspect neither the American owners of Carpenters of Glossop nor Elon Musk look out from their places of residence across a scene of devastated English woodland or German forest……. ho hum.

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Des res for the wildlife garden – bug boxes and hedgehog houses

Des res for the wildlife garden – bug boxes and hedgehog houses

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Both sent by Alan Simson – tree campaigner and enthusiast!!

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My nocturnal visitors at Norton

My nocturnal visitors at Norton

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Autumn Berries

Autumn Berries

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