Herons over Walkley!

Herons over Walkley!


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New Book – Shadow Woods: A Search for Lost Landscapes

MY BRAND NEW BOOK – Shadow Woods: A Search for Lost Landscapes, is now out & available from:


Shadow Woods: a search for lost landscapes is intended to view ecology and landscapes in a somewhat different way from that which we normally do; to effectively view the countryside through a different lens. Considering ancient woods and treed countryside, the intention is to raise awareness about our ecological and landscape origins and through this to open up new possibilities and exciting opportunities. It is suggested that we need to understand the past to inform the present, and from this knowledge we can influence the future The author also introduces a number of key issues and ideas that are new – shadow woods, ghost woods, lost woods, eco-cultural landscapes, cultural severance, grubby landscapes, ecological filtration, biodiversity time-capsules, futurescapes, and more. These concepts aim to help the exploration of our ecological history and to provide insight into the processes at work. The book is intended, as far as is possible with a subject like this, to be non-technical and to assume no prior knowledge on the part of the reader. However, more information and on-going guidance and discoveries can be found on the associated website.

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Wood Meadows & Pastures

Big event coming up: Wood Meadows & Pastures 2-day conference

Details and booking:  


Plus nice article in the Yorkshire Post Countryside & Farming Supplement:

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The Daily Mail steps in for the street tree debate….

The Daily Mail steps in for the street tree debate….

Read on:

Please pass on to others…….Thanks.

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What’s in a name part 2

What’s in a name? Part 2 – article from Smallwoods Spring 2017 Issue 66

A short guide to woodland place-names:


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Congratulations to Rob McBride and the Brimmon Oak campaigners

Congratulations to the Brimmon Oak campaigners

The Brimmon Oak has been voted runner up in the European Tree of the Year contest 2017. The Welsh entry received 16,203 votes, so was not far behind the winning Polish tree which got 17,597 votes.

The Brimmon Oak, an ancient pollard, was threatened with destruction by a new bypass, but campaigners including ‘Tree Hunter’ Rob McBride managed to get the bypass re-routed.

[Extracted from the newsletter of the Ancient Tree Forum]

Well done and thanks to all those readers who voted – it was very close run!!


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More hedgehog action from Ray Sykes’ garden!

Spring is in the air!!!! More hedgehog action from Ray Sykes’ garden!


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