Sheffield Street Trees now in the major German-language newspaper too …..

Sheffield Street Trees now in the major German-language newspaper too ……….


My quote apparently says ‘According to ecologist Ian Rotherham from Sheffield Hallam University, the lifetime of the trees Amey wants to remove is not over. “They survived the pollution of the last century”, says Rotherham. “Today the air is clean, they’re fine, they can go on for another hundred years. ” Rotherham quotes a study from 2007 before Amey appeared on the scene, according to which only 500 of the 36,000 trees along the roads were to be replaced.’

Link to the digital version:

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    An e-mail to BBC News, dated 22nd June 2018 (it arrived in my inbox today):

    In recent reports on Sheffield City Council’s maladministration of the £2.2bn highway maintenance PFI for the ‘Streets Ahead’ programme and its target to fell 67.6% of Sheffield’s mature street trees, the BBC News has stated:

    “However, campaigners claim some of the trees cut down or earmarked for felling are healthy.”


    This is a misrepresentation, as it implies that citizens CAMPAIGNING FOR SUSTAINABLE STEWARDSHIP STEWARDSHIP AND GOOD PRACTICE, in opposition to the mass felling of street trees, are the ones that suggested trees being felled are healthy. In fact, ALMOST ALL street trees currently scheduled for felling are healthy and it is Sheffield City Council and their independent arboricultural consultant that have said this. Trees are being felled to meet a contractual felling target, and because of incompetence. For more detail, see: (pit dimensions are in cm)

    Please note that on 23rd JULY 2015, at the inaugural meeting of Sheffield City Council’s “bi-monthly” Highway Trees Advisory Forum, the SCC HEAD OF HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE informed that ALL “dangerous” street trees had been felled.

    “So, our underinvestment and underfunding left us with a number of DEAD, DYING AND DANGEROUS trees. Some of you would be surprised that there were 1,200 trees that were within that category. So, AMEY IDENTIFIED THOSE TREES AND ADDRESSED THOSE FIRST.”

    “So, just to give you a summary of where we are today, THERE’S BEEN 2,563 HIGHWAY TREES REMOVED because they met one of the 6Ds and there was NO OTHER RECTIFICATION that we could carry out. Each tree that is taken out is replaced on a one-for-one basis.”

    “OUR NEXT PRIORITY IS to improve the condition of our roads and pavements. So, in other words, DEAL WITH THE DAMAGING TREES – those trees that are DAMAGING kerbs, pavements and drains.”


    The above quote is transcribed from the audio file attached above, named:

    HTAF 1_23rd_July_2015_Steve_Robinson – SCC Head of Highway Maintenance_Elliott_6Ds_Accountability_Specification_NO OTHER RECTIFICATION_150723_002_8

    Also see:

    On 23rd July, 2015, at the inaugural meeting of the Highway Trees Advisory Forum, STEVE ROBINSON (SCC HEAD OF HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE) commented:

    “The other three Ds – DISEASED, DAMAGING AND DISCRIMINATORY – there is a degree or, erm, of judgement to be taken on it. That word was used earlier. So, JUST BECAUSE A TREE IS DISEASED DOESN’T MEAN TO SAY THAT THAT TREE NEEDS TO BE REPLACED. It is the type of disease, the effect that disease will have on the tree’s life, err, whether it turns out to be dangerous, so on and so forth, and those judgements are made by tree people. Err, Darren has alluded to those tree people earlier on.

    Erm, THOSE TREE PEOPLE MAKE NO ACCOUNT OF PROFIT OR COST, so those factors do not come in to play. These are tree people who used to work for the Council. They have the same mind-set, now that THEY HAVE THEIR BUDGET TO LOOK AFTER THEIR TREES.

    In terms of damaging, yes, again, there is a degree of judgement and, erm, and, you know, if something can be done, IF AN ENGINEERING SOLUTION CAN BE APPLIED, THEN IT WILL BE APPLIED. Err, there was a lots [sic] of comment made earlier on about whether a tree is removed as a last resort; AND A TREE IS REMOVED AS A LAST RESORT. And, finally, on discriminatory, again, yes, there is some judgement to be applied that, err, if a tree is restricting the width of a footpath beyond, err, nationally and recognised guidelines, then that tree is discriminatory and, err, will be removed. So there are degrees of judgement, and there are others where there’s a zero tolerance.”

    SOURCE (pages 42 & 43):

    The above quote is transcribed from the audio file attached above, named:

    HTAF 1_23rd_July_2015_150723_002_65_6Ds_Discretion_Risk_COST_LAST RESORT_SCC Head of Highway Maintenance – Steve ROBINSON

    STEVE ROBINSON gave a presentation about each of these options at the second HTAF meeting, on 2nd SEPTEMBER, 2015. He stated:

    “The engineering solutions are only applicable to those trees that are categorised as DAMAGING.
    THE ENGINEERING AND TREE-BASED SOLUTIONS COME AT NO EXTRA COST TO THE COUNCIL. SO, THE TAX-PAYER DOES NOT PAY IF AN ENGINEERING SOLUTION OR A TREE-BASED SOLUTION CAN BE APPLIED, and the reason for that is that the Streets Ahead project is a highway maintenance project and engineering and tree-based solutions are highway maintenance solutions.

    SOURCE (pages 49):

    The above quote is transcribed from the audio file attached above, named:

    HTAF 2_2nd_September_2015_Steve_Robinson – SCC Head of Highway Maintenance_NO EXTRA COST SOLUTIONS_150902_001_2_3_2

    The Star, 15th FEBRUARY 2013:

    “Fifteen to 20 trees have been CLASSED AS DANGEROUS and removed so far – AMONG 1,250 WHICH ARE TO BE REPLACED IN TOTAL.
    STEVE ROBINSON, head of highway maintenance at the council, which is working with contractor Amey on the project, said: “OVERALL THERE ARE 36,000 HIGHWAY TREES AND THERE ARE 1,250 ACROSS THE CITY WHICH WE ARE TAKING OUT AND REPLACING.
    Mr Robinson said: ‘NO HEALTHY TREES WILL BE REMOVED UNLESS absolutely necessary, such as if they are DAMAGING properties or INFRASTRUCTURE or blocking pavements.’

    In cases where roots are damaging pavements, workers will look at removing the offending root, or alternatives such as raising the pavement surface, he added.”


    On 16th APRIL, 2013, The Star reported:

    “Highways officials have revealed 1,250 TREES DEEMED TO BE ‘DISEASED OR DYING’ are to be felled on streets across Sheffield.

    And hundreds MORE TREES COULD ALSO BE FELLED WHERE THEY ARE DEEMED TO BE DAMAGING ROAD SURFACES OR ‘CAUSING A HAZARD’ such as when roots break through the pavement surface.
    Some 72 healthy trees have been removed so far.”


    At the meeting of full Council, on 1st JULY, 2015, the SCC Cabinet Member for Environment & Transport stated:

    “We are about half way through the first five years of the project and today we have removed, as I say, over 2,000 trees…”

    (page 76)

    The above quote is transcribed from the audio file attached above, named:

    Cllr Terry Fox -SCC Cabinet Member For Environment &Transport- 1st July 2015_SORT_Petition – Restocking – NUMBERS – 150701_003_1_13_1_02

    In future, I suggest you state that Sheffield City Council has informed that all dead, dying and dangerous street trees were felled prior to JULY 2015 and that those being felled now are the ones classed as ‘damaging’; some of which are also classed as ‘discriminatory’, for hindering or preventing access and mobility.

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