Meet the Dragons of Sheffield 11

Meet the Dragons of Sheffield 11



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2 Responses to Meet the Dragons of Sheffield 11

  1. We often get these on ‘my patch’ around Woodhouse Mill and Shire Brook Valley. My ‘gold star’ records of the week for dragons and damsels were broad bodied chasers egg-laying and a dozen male banded demoiselles all at Woodhouse Washlands. I was one of the first to record the demoiselles in the area – they had hitched a ride on the water crowfoot that the Environment Agency had put into the River Rother to improve the water quality and fishery and now they breed locally and are seen every year.

  2. Good one.
    The Banded Dems are nice – I was the one who set up Woodhouse Washlands Nature Reserve back in the 1990s – and then produced the management plan / vision of a ‘pondscape’ – with a target of around 50 new ponds over 25 years or so. I think our first Banded Dems on the river were about 2000. At nearby Beighton Marsh, which was another reserve I initiated, we got Sheffield’s first ever record of Emperor – on Radio 5 Live with Chris Baines!



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