The Vernon Oak speaks out……….to the next generation

The Vernon Oak speaks out……….to the next generation …… please circulate this and support a great cause!

An oak tree is fundraising to give ‘The Lost Words’ to every primary school


An oak tree is fundraising! The famous Vernon Oak is to give a copy of The Lost Words to every primary school in Sheffield. The book is by the country’s pre-eminent nature writer, Robert Macfarlane, and celebrated illustrator Jackie Morris.

The target of £3200 in 5 weeks, is enough for 150 books. Incredibly, the Vernon Road Oak (commonly known as Vernon) raised 50% of the funding needed in just 48 hours.

This beautiful book is about words which are disappearing from the vocabulary of children – words for lovely wild things like kingfisher, bluebell, newt, conker. The authors take 20 of these in a gorgeous book in which sumptuous images and ‘spells’ spill across each double page spread.

Already, many other areas of the country have successfully fundraised to get copies into their primary schools.

The book has a special poignancy here in Sheffield: Vernon is fundraising because he too may soon be gone due to the felling of many street trees.

Vernon, in a special interview by his agent and friend Joanna Dobson says that the book

“starts with the acorn spell, which is right up my street….The Lost Words is for everyone. It is ‘wonderful’, ‘breathtaking’ and ‘exquisite’, just as the reviews have said, but it has special meaning for an oak tree which is in real danger of being ‘lost’ too.”

The book is a special way of returning the wild to children’s lives and already social media is ablaze with creative work inspired by it among schools around the country.

Vernon’s Crowdfunder to ensure that all young Sheffield children are able to see and read the book, is supported by Sheffield and Rotherham Wildlife Trust, The Woodland Trust’s Teach Wild Network and Sheffield’s Rhyme and Reason Bookshop.

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