HS2 Appalling threat to London Trees in Euston Square Gardens

HS2 Appalling threat to London Trees in Euston Square Gardens

The Guardian newspaper has recently highlighted the shocking threat to some glorious trees near Euston Station – with around 200 mature trees due to be cleared to make way for TEMPORARY site works and a displaced taxi rank.

The Guardian 12 January 2018

The Guardian 13 January 2018 – and well-done Rev Anne Stevens!!!

I know these trees well, and wrote about them last year – when I visited the city during a blazing hot summer period. Walking under the shade was pleasant and cooling – but step out from under the cover and it was baking, desiccating, and seriously unpleasant – this is just one of the natural (free) ecosystem services these 100-year old giants provide. Consequently, lots of people were meeting, chatting, and resting there – along with those in a rush just passing through.

These two articles highlight the potential devastation and the large dollops of hypocrisy from HS2:

They stated that ‘Supporting the natural environment is just as important to us as building stations, regenerating city centres, and supporting the economy‘ ……..blah, blah, blah, blah!

[A little bit like they claim to be able to move ‘ancient woodlands’ out of the path of HS2 …. Oh dear, they really don’t understand!!!!]

They also pledged to re-open some public green spaces – in about 17 years(!!) and to plant at least as many trees as they fell – but of course much smaller and in different places ……..in Sheffield we have heard this before!!!!

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