Kingfishers add a special sparkle to local rivers…..

Kingfishers add a special sparkle to local rivers…..

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  1. Technotronic says:


    Plantation along the Trans Pennine Trail, between Oughtibridge and Deepcar is currently being thinned. The trees felled are mainly larch & pine – some are about fifty-two years old. Produce appears to be sawlogs, pulpwood & slats (for fencing). The operation is mechanised, with a bucket used to move stones and fill holes. All felling is done by a harvester machine. Very interesting. The work is being done by Tilhill (the contractor) for the Forestry Commission (Central District Office). The main track that runs parallel with the railway is closed while works take place (24th July 2017 to 24th September 2017). Much of the stretch between Oughtibridge & Ewden valley/Wharncliffe Lodge is actually outside Sheffield, within Barnsley Metropolitan Borough.

    This past few weeks, a couple of buzzards have been flying about, screeching, over the area below the track, downstream of the factory site that is upstream of Oughtibridge. The birds have been seen flying as far as Oughtibridge Lane. Locals do not recall seeing these birds previously, although such birds have been seen on the opposite side of the valley. Has a nest been disturbed / destroyed?


    • Technotronic says:

      Trans Pennine Trail Closure Times

      Site notices indicate that he Trans Pennine Trail is only closed Monday to Friday between 6:00 am & 5:00 pm.

      It is worth taking a look and seeing the machines. In the evening, there are lots of bats about.

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