Ecclesall Road trees letter

From Julia Bodle 24 February at 08:12

An open letter to SCC

Instead of chopping down our lovely trees on Ecclesall Road, why don’t you completely redevelop the urban environment? Ecclesall Road is a shopping destination for people ALL over Yorkshire and Derbyshire.  I am sure moves to improve the facilities and increase revenue to the businesses located there would be welcome.

You could widen the path on the south side of the road making room for MORE trees and perhaps some bushes? This would also allow a cycle lane to be built OFF the road, Ecclesall Road is a DEATHTRAP for cyclists, I know, having nearly been knocked off my bike several times.

You could make the road into THREE lanes with a bus lane which changes direction depending on the time of day., this would give you room to widen the footpath as described and probably the north side as well.

You could build an underground car park next to Tescos and convert the current car park into a green area which would improve the environmental for the cafes around the Precinct.

I know this would be an expensive undertaking but it would provide WORLD CLASS shopping and leisure facilities which I am sure the local businesses would contribute to.

Julia Bodle

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