High Water Common Ground


Dear Ian,

My name is Andy Clark, I’m an ecologist and filmmaker, and for the last year I’ve been working on the production of a film about flooding and natural flood risk management called High Water Common Ground. Very early on in this project I became aware of the threat of conflict between parties surrounding the management of peatlands; at it’s most polarised, for either grouse production or for flood risk management. I was struck that this issue had the potential to affect the lives of many – and the condition of large amounts of UK landscapes – and that while there was such conflict a sound resolution was unlikely.
I have worked in collaboration with the Moorland Association and the British Association of Shooting and Conservation, The North Pennines AONB Partnership and Moors For The Future to try to better understand this issue, and to learn more on the management techniques that affect peatlands. Overall, I have been uplifted by what I have learned. I have heard that there is much more positive work going on on moorlands than many of the public are aware, and particularly I have been excited by the research going into peatland restoration and sphagnum inoculation. I soon found that peatlands are invaluable part of a documentary about collaborative working and flood risk management schemes that work harmoniously towards a multitude of benefits.
The film is nearly finished, but to wrap it up and to potentially boost the project into something that will become an even more thorough web-based resource, I have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign  to raise funds to continue my work. I was wondering if I could ask you if you would share some information on my film, and also on the campaign, with the members of the Peatland Research special interest group? I sincerely hope that my work will not just be of interest but of real benefit to the group, and I will be immensely grateful of any greater awareness that you can help me to raise for this project.
Many thanks and very best wishes,
Andy Clark
Producer, High Water Common Ground
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  1. The url’s only work if you cut and paste the text into a browser, but not if you click them.

    Interesting that Amanda Anderson – who laughably span the tale to MPs that she sees hen harriers from her kitchen window every day – was involved, but that Dr Mark Avery who has an in-depth involvement with issues around moorland mismanagement doesn’t appear to have been. Let’s hope this film really does show all sides of the issues around moorland, and doesn’t simply allow the unchallenged repetition of so many ‘fake facts’ from certain grouse-shooting quarters.

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