Update and thank you from Deepa and STAG

Update and thank you from Deepa and STAG

Dear supporters

Thank you to those who attended the STAG conference last Saturday 21 Jan. A very informative and inspiring day and you can catch up on the lectures on the STAG Facebook page here: http://bit.ly/2fpnmzS

One of the biggest take home messages, is that Amey is felling our HEALTHY trees, about ¼ of the way through their lifespans and at the PEAK of the valuable ecosystem services offered to communities: http://bit.ly/2k5JePg

Absolutely shocking information and simply cannot be allowed to continue.  STAG remains the best way to keep in touch with all the activity happening across the city. There are now 11 campaign groups across 17 wards – so find your local group and join in!

And THIS Thursday 26th Jan, at 9am, there is a rally to support the Rustlings Road Three at the Sheffield Magistrates Court on Castle Street. Come and show your support for the right to peaceful protest. Yellow is optional!

Further dates for your diary:

1. THIS Saturday 28 Jan, Hillsborough, 2.30-5pm – Training Event for the Physical Protection of our Street Trees. More details here: http://bit.ly/2j1KTIL.

2. Wed 1 Feb 12.30pm – Rally at Sheffield Town Hall for RVR petition at Full Council: http://bit.ly/2koGU9E

3. Thurs 9 Mar 9-10am – Rally at Sheffield Magistrates Court for Simon Crump and Calvin Payne: http://bit.ly/2kow8A2

Thank you to EVERYBODY, for all that you are doing for Sheffield’s Street Trees, wherever you are!!

See you Thursday!

In Solidarity

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