Updates from Deepa Shetty on the Sheffield Street Trees

Petition update –  The One Show and Chris Packham!!

Deepa Shetty
Sheffield, United Kingdom
5 Jan 2017 — Dear supporters

2017 looks set to bring ever further challenges to tree campaigners across the city.

Here is an up to date map of the hundreds of HEALTHY trees currently at risk in Sheffield:

Including 180 mostly HEALTHY trees threatened in Nether Edge and Sharrow Ward alone. This would COMPLETELY and irreversibly change the landscape of this neighbourhood FOREVER. Robbing the current generation and future generations of the quantifiably valuable ecosystem services that large crowned trees provide to communities, for EVERY year of life.

There are 31 threatened trees on Rivelin Valley Road…

There are 10 threatened trees on Ecclesall Rd, including multiple iconic plane trees. Have a look – the ones with yellow ribbons on!

So it looks like the time for Non Violent Direct Action (NVDA) might soon be upon us….

If you would like to play your part in peaceful protest, to save your precious street tree resource from corporate madness, here’s a link to sign up for the Nether Edge Group’s NVDA list:

Here’s another link for the Rivelin Valley Road Group’s NVDA list:

On the form you can indicate how you might be able to support their work.

On a lighter note, The One Show had an excellent Sheffield Trees feature earlier this evening. You can catch up here from 11minutes 40: http://bbc.in/2jav4zh

Here’s a quote from the show:

“I’ve looked at every tree here and none of them need to come out. This is contrary to government guidance, it’s contrary to the professional guidance set out by the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transport. It’s just a shocking affair, that really we have to make sure it doesn’t happen anywhere else in the country”

The above quote is from international tree expert, Jeremy Barrell BSc FArborA DipArb CBiol FICFor FRICS. Enough said really.

And some more dates for your diary:

1. THIS Sat Jan 7th – Human Yellow Ribbon around Town Hall. Be There For 12 noon. Wear something Yellow! http://bit.ly/2iRkZUq

2. THIS Sat 7th Jan – Wed 11th Jan – In Celebration of Trees, photography exhibition. From 11am to 4pm every day: http://bit.ly/2hUjAxS

There is SO much happening in Sheffield’s Street Tree campaign and the best way to keep up is to join Sheffield Tree Action Groups (STAG) here: http://bit.ly/2fpnmzS

As always, thank you for all of your continued support, hard work and commitment. We should be so very proud of everything that has collectively been achieved by all of us since May 2015. Even Chris Packham is tweeting about us now!

In Solidarity

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1 Response to Updates from Deepa Shetty on the Sheffield Street Trees

  1. Jerome says:

    On the Maryleblone Road, in London, only a week ago, construction workers were widening the pavement around the base of some large plane trees by the Royal Academy of Music. This is not rocket science, takes no time to do, costs very little money and means that the people of London will not be facing the same carnage that is taking place in Sheffield. The solutions deployed there are not even as complex as needing to be called ‘engineering solutions’ as they are often described as in Sheffield. This nomenclature adds a veil of complexity to something which is really quite simple, unequivocally more simple than felling a massive tree.
    The enormous Huntingdon Elm on Marylebone High Street remains intact and there seems to be an unspoken rule in London, that certain things like majestic historic elm trees, London Plane trees, should be left alone. They are part of the very fabric of our cities, carry with them a rich history and the day or so of labour in removing some paving slabs and installing some rubber sheeting around their bases (or flexipave as it is commonly known), is surely worth it given that many of these trees are hundreds of years old. In addition to the trees on Marylebone Road that I described a moment ago which are having textured flexible rubber matting installed around them, trees around St John’s Wood, mature trees near Baker Street which were causing damage to the pavement, have also had flexible rubberised matting used around their bases. Too bad we have this rotten bunch of low lives calling the shots in Sheffield.
    In Hyde Park (in London, not Sheffield), there is a rule not to remove diseased or dying trees, they are given the best chance possible and it is clearly recognised by the trustees of the park, that the risk to the public that mature trees present, is utterly negligible, a load of hogwash made up by busy-bodies and profiteers like those that seem to be everywhere in Sheffield. The same is the case around St James’s Park and Buckingham Palace. The enormous scale of trees in these areas gives a real idea of just how mature and enormous these trees can get (and we are fed the nonsense about ‘diseased, dead or dying’)… All an utter sham.
    Soon, the Ecclesall Road will resemble London Road (the difference will truly be that significant). By the useless standards of this Council and Amey, all of the lime trees at the foot of the Botanical gardens will be destroyed making the place look more like a Milton Keynes car park rather than an area filled with fine Victorian architecture along with the trees which compliment this architecture so well.
    A tree feller who was privy to some Council meetings back in 2012, told me, that this is all taking place as part of a plan to make Sheffield a ’21st century city of the future’. Well, Sheffield City Council, property developer cronies of yours, the lot of you, please take your dystopian vision of the future, ‘international investment’, tunnels under the Peak District, Fracking, wind farms, LED prison camp street lights along with all that other profit driven unsightly rubbish…. and shove it 🙂

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