Update on street tree activities and campaign from Deepa

Dear supporters

A Tree Strategy will guide and inform decision-making with respect to the management of trees in all land-use categories, including Highway Trees, for the next 15 years. It is really important that we make use of this opportunity and for those of you who need a little encouragement to get your comments in, here are some tips: http://bit.ly/2fio7Ju

1. Focus on Q16, about Highway Trees. Doesn’t matter if some of the other questions are left blank.

2. The sub-strategy for Highway Trees should make allowance for the use of Flexi-pave instead of tarmac. It should have alternative highway SPECIFICATIONS that allow the safe retention of trees on tree-lined streets. There is no need to completely level pavements, they just need to be within acceptable gradients. The pursuit of flat perfection is neither appropriate nor necessary. Clauses 5.2 – 5.5 of the Amey contract allow for changes in service, the law, in highway standards and in council policy.

3. Also mention SUSTAINABLE management = maintenance of canopy cover. Wholesale felling of large crowned trees and substituting them with short-lived, small species with a 25% failure rate, is NOT sustainable management. Mention the use of Flexi-Pave instead of tarmac around tree bases and valuation of the ecosystem benefits that large crowned street trees provide.

You have until the end of 30 Nov 2016 to make your comments heard, i.e. the portal closes in TWO days, so get it done tonight if you can!

Other dates for your diary are:

1. THURSDAY 1 DECEMBER, 9AM. Rally outside the magistrates court to support Calvin Payne and Simon Crump who were arrested for peacefully standing under a tree, using anti-picketing law meant for Trade Union disputes. No-one was on strike here! Defend our rights to peaceful protest. Their case will be heard at 10am. You can also support via the Thunderclap campaign here: http://bit.ly/2fF41WB.

2. WEDNESDAY 7 DECEMBER, 1PM. Rally outside the Town Hall for Full Council at 2pm. This is where we ALL demand answers for Sheffield Labour Council’s total contempt of democracy and of civil rights, when it launched a night raid on the residents of Rustlings Road. We also need answers for the shameful complicity of South Yorkshire Police.

Please bring your banners and your voices. We WILL be heard by SCC. Only THEY are accountable for the fire that they’ve lit. We will no longer be fobbed off by their misrepresentation of facts and their bald-faced lies.

Thank you to everyone who came to show your support at the rally in Endcliffe Park on Saturday. It has been a difficult week for all of us. Please continue to show your support by getting friends and family to join STAG here: http://bit.ly/2fpnmzS to keep up to date.

We will continue to shine light on how our elected representatives and officials choose to conduct themselves, in this rotten Labour Council.

In solidarity
All For One, One For All

#LodgeOUT #GreenOUT #DoreOUT #AmeyOUT

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