More garden foxes


One of my former students, Simon Mintoft sent me the following message;

Having seen the fox on your site I just wanted to share these pictures with you. Where I now live in London we have two resident foxes who have their Earth underneath next door’s decking.

I woke last week to see one sat at the top of our steps, which is strange as there’s nothing up here except the door to our kitchen! Maybe just a good vantage point over the garden.

Today I’ve seen both male and female, with one now asleep in adjoining garden. I’m now a little worried that this means no Cubs this year. You would expect the vixen to be in the Earth at this time of year caring for them would you not?

I responded that I think all will be well and it is still early to see the cubs out and about.

Enjoy the pictures!

image image[2] image[3] image[4]

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1 Response to More garden foxes

  1. Karon Mayor says:

    It is great that these foxes have found refuge in a safe garden, I hope they do have some Cubs later.

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