Foxy foxy…….



My friend Richard Atkinson at B&B Press, a particularly good printing firm based in Rotherham, sent me some pictures of a his local fox – taken recently.

These were taken on the 9th January this year at Markbrook Drive S35 – High Green, Sheffield, at about 8.45 am – but the fox has been seen a number of times though usually at night-time.

Enjoy this sequence of pictures as the fox makes it way down the middle of the road……..




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4 Responses to Foxy foxy…….

  1. Lammergeier says:

    On the topic of Foxy v Trees,

    If you spot shoddy work or acts or omissions that are resulting in damage to highway trees, “GET LOST” would appear to be the response from ALL Council personnel with responsibility for on-site supervision of highway works to trees and in close proximity to trees, and for monitoring, auditing and enforcement. If you would like to contact someone from the Council about any of these matters, you will be told to “GET LOST”. Someone has just spent the best part of a month attempting to access basic contact details for the Council personnel most directly responsible. For details, visit the following link:

    At best, you will be advised to contact Streets Ahead Customer Services: a service that Amey are under contract to provide, as part of the Amey PFI contract, for the fully funded £2.2bn, city-wide Streets Ahead project.

  2. Lammergeier says:


    The 6Ds “strategy” is now set to be rolled out across approximately six counties. This is likely to result in reasonably foreseeable environmental degradation, if their acts and omissions in Sheffield are representative of what they intend to do elsewhere.


  3. Lammergeier says:


    “…Executive Director for Place Simon Green said: …We will of course continue to assess our trees and replace those that are dangerous.”
    (published today: 23rd March, 2016)


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