Message from DEEPA – today’s protest

Dear supporters

The Nether Edge petition will be debated at a meeting of Full Council today and we will be holding a lively rally beforehand, at ONE OF THE CLOCK, also known as 1pm!!


All and everyone welcome and here is a reminder of what we are campaigning for:

Citizens are FULLY holding Sheffield City Council to account, for the wanton vandalism of Sheffield’s mature highway tree stock and the reckless damage occurring to the trunks and roots of street trees by inappropriate use of a planing machine, by poorly trained Amey staff. This is breaching industry guidelines (BS 5837 and NJUG) and SCC are fully accountable.

Reckless tree felling and the inappropriate planting of high failure saplings, needs to STOP NOW, until an appropriate tree strategy is in place. A tree strategy should guide and inform decision makers and ensure objectivity, transparency, consistency and be in accordance with best practice guidance on the management of street trees. A tree strategy will ensure decisions are FAIR AND AUDITABLE.

SUSTAINABLE management of mature highway trees, PROPORTIONATE and REASONABLE action, VALUATION of the ecosystem services of canopy cover – ALL need to be factored into a planned systematic and strategic approach to street tree management. The Highways Act (1980) outlines duties, but does not set standards for highway engineering or maintenance specifications. Therefore, RELAXED HIGHWAY SPECIFICATIONS around mature highway trees to allow their safe retention, is an obvious solution to pavement ridging, currently used as the main excuse for felling most of Sheffield’s healthy old street trees. Dropped kerbs or no kerbs, have already been used as solutions and we want such decisions to be CONSISTENT and CLEAR, across the board.

The deeply flawed and undemocratic ‘Resident Survey’, with response rates of 5 out of 129 households, is a complete FAILURE. The ‘Independent’ Tree Panel (ITP) has been selected and paid for, by SCC. Cllr Fox will take their advice but is NOT bound by their decisions. There is no representation from Trees and Design Action Group (TDAG) or National Tree Safety Group (NTSG) or ANY appropriate experts on the management of mature highway trees. The ITP is a COMPLETE and utter JOKE!

So come and hold Julie Dore to account at 1pm at the Town Hall!! Street saplings can be planted for future generations, WITHOUT the need to fell old trees because of minor infrastructure damage. If she can’t afford to do the right thing, she needs to STOP doing the WRONG thing!!

Who’s trees? OUR trees! Who’s trees? OUR TREES!!

See you later!


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