Jo Brand, Alan Davies & a peat bog……


Readers will no doubt have heard about Jo Brand’s epic walk for charity – to support BBC Sport Relief – walking from Hull to Liverpool. Well, last weekend, I helped guide the team with Jo Brand and her friend Alan Davies, across the vast Thorne Moors, the remains of one of Britain’s largest raised bogs. Walking in pitch black and pouring rain, Jo described the day as the most gruelling of her life.

This is an extract from the official blog:

‘Jo Brand wanted to “lie down and cry” after wading through knee-deep bogs on the “brutal” second day of her 150-mile coast-to-coast walking challenge for Sport Relief. The 58-year-old was joined by comedian Alan Davies on the ‘Hell Of A Walk’ as she spent nearly 14 hours walking 21 miles from Laxton, in East Yorkshire, to Thorne, in South Yorkshire. The comedian is suffering from painful legs and fatigue but said she was “smiling and looking forward to the day” as she set off on the third stage with presenter Gabby Logan.


Brand will cover 21 miles on Sunday from Thorne to Harlington, in South Yorkshire. She said: “Every morning I sit here smiling and looking forward to the day. By four o’clock a dark vacuum has fallen inside my head and a great fat gloom descends upon me. All I want to do is lie down and cry but I won’t because I refuse to cry in public. So just imagine me up in my room at about 11pm, sobbing and holding my leg.”

Greg Whyte, Brand’s trainer, said: “It should be better today. Yesterday’s terrain was really brutal, at some points she was wading knee deep through bogs. Today, we’re going to have to balance the good terrain against the fact that she’s very, very fatigued right now. She’s got the attrition from yesterday and she’s going to be fatigued and frustrated.”

The BT-sponsored challenge will see Brand climb to 1,500ft (457m) across the Pennines as she walks from dawn to dusk for seven days, burning around 6,000 calories each day. She will walk east to west across the width of the country, finishing in Liverpool on Thursday. During the journey, former psychiatric nurse Brand will highlight the work that Sport Relief does around mental health and issues that affect women and girls across the UK and the world’s poorest communities. She will be joined by famous friends and people helped by funded Sport Relief projects along the route to spur her on. The journey will be recorded for a BBC documentary to be broadcast in the run-up to Sport Relief Weekend, which is taking place from March 18 to 20.’


Good luck Jo!!!!!

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