Lost Fens

fens 3

Recent review of the book.

Lost Fens Review in the Social Science Journal 2015 565 to 566



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1 Response to Lost Fens

  1. I have just finished your book “The Lost Fens – England’s Greatest Ecological Disaster”. I found it invaluable in my researches of the history and lives of my ancestors who were commoners living on the edge of East Fen. Whilst I have a huge amount of historical information regarding drainage and enclosure etc., what I really wanted to know was how the local inhabitants lived. Your book goes a long way to describe their environment.

    I did not know anything about The Great Inquest into the Soke of Bolingbroke. Obviously this effected generations of fen commoners including my ancestors and is extremely useful to me. You also mention a submission by Commoners to Parliament in 1780 and I would be grateful if you could let me know the source of this information. Thank you.

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