Thoughts on the recent flooding……

Thoughts on the recent flooding……

River Rother Floooding June 2007

Picture by Christine Handley

4.3 York Minster

Wet, wet, wet……………….

Medieval flood Somerset

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One Response to Thoughts on the recent flooding……

  1. Simon Gregson says:

    I have recently read your book ‘Yorkshire’s Forgotten Fenlands’ and it makes for an even better understanding of what is going on, and the futile attempts that will be made to stem the floods. Around where I live in the Yorkshire Wolds we suffered a different problem in December 2012 ago when the aquifer of the Yorkshire Wolds became saturated and many of the villages became flooded due the springs re-emerging after quite a number of years of inactivity. I made a short video of the event here.

    I left a reply to your Yorkshire Post article:

    Having read the book ‘Yorkshire’s Forgotten Fenlands’ by the author of the article, it is increasingly apparent why the floods were as bad as they were. Through years of neglect, mismanagement and greed of the countryside lowlands and uplands we are no longer in a position that we cannot guarantee flooding. Large parts of lowland Yorkshire was once a swamp which was regularly inundated by the North Sea from one direction and rainfall on the Pennines. The fens were very lowly populated with populations appearing only where there was a rise in land to a height which was considered safe. Unfortunately many of these areas have been built upon. If nature was allowed to reclaim some of the land that was once prone to flooding and a program reforestation of upland areas then we wouldn’t be in the mess that we are now.

    Read more:

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