Petition update – Help us to get to Full Council in February! Nether Edge petition

Message from Deepa Shetty
Sheffield, United Kingdom

2 Jan 2016 — Dear supporters, please take 30 seconds to sign the Nether Edge Petition below!

Currently, the Nether Edge petition stands at 3,000 in total and we are pushing for another 2,000 in the next few weeks. At 5,000, we trigger another debate at Full Council in Feb 2016 and can directly challenge Councillor Fox on the way the Streets Ahead programme has been rolled out and managed. So please sign and share, share, share! Spread the word.

Currently there are a total of 92 trees under threat on 18 streets in NE, due to be felled this month! The at risk map can be viewed here:

Most of the trees are healthy. Footway disturbance is an insignificant reason to fell these big old trees, given the huge benefits in ecosystem services that they provide.

The Star continues to be supportive to the collective city wide efforts to Save Sheffield Trees:

Our demands to Councillor Fox remain unchanged:

1. A halt to the felling of Sheffield’s healthy old trees until an acceptable TREE STRATEGY is in place, based on current industry guidelines. A city-wide strategy is required to guide and inform policy and management decisions and help ensure a sustainable, transparent and consistent approach that accords with current legislation and best practice: a planned, systematic and INTEGRATED approach.

2. The SUSTAINABLE management of our urban forest. The planned felling of at least 18,000 highway trees is NOT sustainable management and will have a significant, negative, effect on the size, shape and distribution of canopy cover across the city. This will in turn have a significant, negative effect, on ecosystem services and people’s health and well-being.

3. REASONABLE and proportionate action. Felling healthy trees for mild pavement ridging and kerb displacement is unreasonable.

4. VALUATION of the ecosystem services that large crowned highway trees provide. Where this has been conducted, the monetary value of these services, amounts to millions of pounds each year.

5. RELAXED SPECIFICATIONS for pavements and kerbs around trees on tree-lined streets, to allow the safe retention of large-crowned highway trees.

6. RISK ASSESSMENTS and COST: BENEFIT ANALYSES, using widely recognised methodology. These should be conducted by independent, competent people who do not stand to gain by the outcome of their decisions.

We will not rest until Councillor Fox finally sees sense. Let’s continue to FIGHT for OUR trees!

All For One, One For All

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