In the bleak midwinter frosty wind made moan – and someone wants to build on Sheffield’s Green Belt

In the bleak midwinter frosty wind made moan – and someone wants to build on Sheffield’s Green Belt

Below is a message from Sally Goldsmithto circulate widely please – this does not just apply to Sheffield but it is an emerging national issue!!

Subject: The Sheffield Plan

Hello SYBRG and other merry woodlanders!  (copying in SPACE members here too, as well as our local Councillor Martin Smith),

Something that may not be so merry here. Not sure if you know that SCC are consulting about options for the Sheffield Plan – the Development Plan for the city which will last until 2034. And they are only giving us until 15th Jan to respond! Who is going to do this over Christmas?

Its all very broad brush and is mainly about housing and business development options – except (cynic? moi?) all the options together add up to the required number of houses! There are specific areas mentioned although the extent and exact location of them are not detailed. Particularly worrying are “land east of Norton” and land around Oughtibridge, Wharncliffe Side, Deepcar, Stocksbridge but there are others you probably know better than I. And why do we need Option E when its for such a small number of houses?

I am currently formulating a response on behalf of SPACE (Sheffield and Peak Against City Encroachment) – we had a meeting to discuss this last week. While we welcome SCC making a long term plan and also hope that a local plan will mean there is some local power in the planning process, rather than relying on the outdated UDP or the Govermenment’s National Planning Framework, we need this to be right. It’s difficult to respond to this document though as so many of the questions are almost impossible for ordinary punters to answer – and also many are leading questions.

Also, next year there will be a green belt review – very worrying. At the moment, under the Strategic Land Assessment (in which the SCC had to ask landowners and developers to put forward pieces of green field sites for potential development) there are lots of green belt sites (with maps) detailed. Round us, land all around Gillfield Wood was put forward as well as fields by the allotments along White Lane. All the green belt sites have been judged by the SCC as inappropriate for development as they are in the green belt – but of course if they are reviewing the green belt this could all change!

CPRE are also considering how to reply and I am in contact with them. However, national CPRE do point out that it is easier for developers to cherry pick good green belt sites, if these are made available, and neglect less easy and less lucrative brownfieild sites. So we end up with posh housing on the green belt and not the sort of housing the country needs.

Could you consider and also publicise this to others? I’m sure lots of people don’t know about it.

Many thanks – and Happy Christmas!

Sally Goldsmith

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One Response to In the bleak midwinter frosty wind made moan – and someone wants to build on Sheffield’s Green Belt

  1. Thanks Ian. There is such a small window of time to respond, so please do and circulate the link. It’s really important I think that people understand that releasing parts of green belt will not give us the sort of housing we want. There’s already a lot of brownfield and other land which has planning permission but developers are sitting on it. Green belt will be much more attractive to them – posh houses! And people in the city need to be vigilant about their green spaces. We need new houses but it’s how we do it that is important.

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