More on the Sheffield Campaign from Deepa

Dear supporters

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time and trouble to fill in Cllr Fox’s ‘Residents’ Survey online and registered your ‘NO’ vote to felling on Rustlings Road.

SORT have conducted their own survey and have discovered that well over 50% of households have voted ‘NO’ to felling. This means that an Independent Panel review should now be triggered and SORT are awaiting confirmation from Streets Ahead. So well done everybody for all of your efforts on this!

As most of you are already aware, this ‘Resident’ Survey is deeply flawed, not least because the retention of healthy, safe mature trees should not be a lifestyle choice. So please continue to complain, as many of you have already been doing, by using the online complaints procedure below. Please note that the complaint box is restricted to 1000 characters, including spaces!

Complain that this survey is undemocratic and has been incompetently delivered – not all RR residents received surveys, non-residents could not vote, despite it being THEIR neighbourhoods and THEIR health and well being affected, multiple flats received just ONE survey letter, RR residents that were promised online voting codes – never received them, there was no deadline date on the survey letters! The list goes on and on.

So Complain, Complain, COMPLAIN!! And when you receive a numbered response from SCC, please forward a copy to:

Complain that Streets Ahead (which Cllr Fox is responsible for) is not compliant with the UK Forestry Standard, which recommends the sustainable management of the urban forest resource. Complain that SCC are not monitoring or enforcing the work that Amey are conducting across the city, in breach of the industry guidelines they say they are compliant with, allowing reckless damage to roots and trunks of retained trees. Complain that Cllr Fox repeatedly states in the media that ‘Felling is ALWAYS the last resort’, yet it appears to be the FIRST option chosen when any tree-related difficulties are encountered. Complain that The 50K new planted trees that Cllr Fox keeps mentioning, have nothing whatsoever to do with Streets Ahead! They are part of a cost saving programme via The Parks & Countryside Department called “Turf to Tree”, which aims to reduce mowing costs by planting up areas of parks with trees – grant funded by The Forestry Commission! In addition to all of the above, The Streets Ahead project is in breach of both the Arhus convention (justice in environmental matters) AND European Directive 2001/42/EC, which is legislation on the preservation and protection of the environment.

Please continue with your brilliant letters to The Star:

Continue to spotlight the roads like Humphrey Road in Greenhill, which has been completely stripped of all 10 of it’s trees! More on this hugely tragic story on STAG’s Facebook page:

If we want to keep our trees, we are going to have to FIGHT for them in every manner possible. Now is the time for COMPLAINTS and PUBLIC SHAMING. We are complaining about Cllr Fox and Sheffield City Council, because THIS is where the failure lies. Amey is just a company working to a contract – IT IS *SCC* that is supposed to be setting the standards AND monitoring AND enforcing Amey’s work.

Finally a big THANK YOU for your continued dedication to our amazing, mature trees in Sheffield. Let’s keep the pressure on SCC!

All the best

And there is more:

Sheffield City Council, Save the 12 Trees on Rustlings Road, Sheffield


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