Join the big Tree March! Saturday 14th November, Sheffield City Hall at 11am

Join the Big Tree March & Rally ! Saturday 14th November, Sheffield City Hall at 11am,…………………………………………….. ACTION required!

P1670706Here is a message from Jennifer Hockey about the latest event in the long-running campaign.

So as she says, get your banners ready! AND your GREEN jackets, jumpers, and frocks! :

Sheffield Tree Action Groups (STAG) is holding a Tree March for the Trees of Sheffield. Meeting on the steps of Sheffield City Hall this Saturday, 14th November at 11am! ALL are welcome to this peaceful rally!

We are marching in protest at the continued unnecessary felling of healthy trees across Sheffield. Marching from the steps of City Hall to the steps of Town Hall to hear speakers, before forming a circle of green around the Town Hall.

P1670631Professor Ian Rotherham and Professor Nigel Dunnett will be speaking. Ian is an expert on a range of environmental issues, and well known to many of us. Nigel is an expert on creating healthy cities, through design. This will be an exciting opportunity to hear from them both, at this important time for our city.

Sheffield City Council continue with their smoke and mirror game playing. Fox’s ‘transformation’ of the city will leave many in a concrete wasteland – asset stripped of heritage, ecosystem wealth and beauty. Well established, healthy trees felled and ‘replaced’ with high failure saplings.

Come and show your support AGAINST this. AGAINST the permanent environmental degradation that is happening to Sheffield PLC!

See you 11am at Sheffield City Hall this Saturday….

Don’t forget – Bring your kids! Bring banners! Bring GREEN jackets, jumpers, and frocks!


And more:

Afterwards you may wish to join us free for the afternoon sessions of the strongly urban ecology conference – A Life in Ecology – about Sheffield’s global ecological figure ‘ Dr Oliver Gilbert’ – the person who put the urban River Don and urban habitats firmly on the map.

The event is in the Norfolk Building of Sheffield Hallam University, only 5 minutes from the Town Hall Steps.

Please let us know in advance if you wish to join us for free for the afternoon. or telephone 0114 2724227

Attached is the link to the downloadable flier:

Venue details downloadable from the new UKEconet site:


And updates from the Green Party:

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2 Responses to Join the big Tree March! Saturday 14th November, Sheffield City Hall at 11am

  1. Deepa Shetty says:

    Rob McBride, The ‘Tree Hunter’ will be marching with us this Saturday. Very exciting news!

  2. Lammergeier says:


    “Just as councillor Peter Price said: ‘Labour’s got a very strong commitment to this agenda’…”

    “THE CONTRACT SAYS UP TO 50% OF TREES CAN BE REMOVED, ERM, AND ACTUALLY THAT’S 18,000. So far, half way through the programme, 2,000 have been removed’”


    The above words are taken from a transcript of the meeting of full Council, at Sheffield Town Hall, on 1st July, 2015. They were made in reference to the Council:Amey Hallam Highways Ltd £2.2bn Private Finance Initiative (PFI) – the Streets Ahead project. The words were spoken by Cllr Bramall: Deputy Leader of the Labour Council and Cabinet Member for Business, Skills & Development (of “outdoor city” rebranding notoriety). The words are from a speech he made during what the Council call a “debate”. The “debate” was supposed to about issues raised by SORT (Save Our Roadside Trees: formerly Save Our Rustlings Trees), in the hand-out published in support of the Save Our Rustlings Trees (SORT) campaign, which was distributed to every Councillor on 26th June, 2015, by the Sheffield City Council (SCC) Democratic Services Legal and Governance Resources department. You can view a copy online, at:

    In fact, the Council do not “debate” at Council meetings – there is no informed discussion/debate and no opportunity to respond to responses received.

    “Excerpts from page 12 of the December 2012 issue of “Transportation Professional” – a Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation publication:

    “By the time you read this three areas of Sheffield will be undergoing a top to toe make over of their streets as the city’s maintenance PFI starts in earnest. Over the first five years of the 25 year Streets Ahead deal concessionaire AMEY will… tackle these and a further 105 zones of the city in order to reverse decades of underinvestment.
    …Also included in a very long list are items like REPLACING HALF OF THE CITY’S 36,000 HIGHWAY TREES”

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