The Big Deer Surveys begin again

The Big Deer Surveys begin again ……

Red Deer stag on Big Moor. Photograph by Peter Wolstenholme.

Our regional deer surveys have never stopped, but with so much exciting stuff happening with populations in Sheffield, and in and around the Peak District, we are making a big effort over the next few months and indeed, the year or two.

There will shortly be much more information and interactive survey s on the http://www.ukeconet website.

For now though, one of my students, James Barker, needs to hear from you.

Attached are two survey maps and a questionnaire. These can be printed off and sent back to us, but an on-line interactive version will also be available soon:

Deer bellowing 2015

Deer sightings 2015

Deer Survey Questionnaires Peak District 2015

Here is a video clip of a melanistic Fallow Deer from a static camera and taken in the Peak by Martin Derbyshire:

And here are pictures taken though binoculars my student Mario Rodriguez:


Red Deer Mario Rodriguez 2 Red Deer Mario Rodriguez

And some background information to download too:

Ian-D.-Rotherham-Martin-J.-Derbyshire.-Deer-in-the-Peak-District-and-its-urban-fringe.-British-Wildlife-23.4.-April-2012.-pp-256-264 (2)


And some great pictures from local photographer Paul Biggs – taken on the Peak District’s Big Moor estate:

Stags photo%201 photo%202

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