Who Needs Trees??!

Who Needs Trees??!

The video of my Sheffield SHED talk is on:

Please network and circulate this.




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4 Responses to Who Needs Trees??!

  1. Harry says:

    Hi Ian,

    Brilliant to see you use a trail camera too, as no one I know has used them but I use them quite often. Was just wondering where these wild fallow are as I’m unaware of any locally.


    Harry Clayton

  2. There is a well-established black, i.e. melanistic, population around Matlock and ordinary fallow in North Notts. If you get chance, then come along to our Eco-science event launch on May 21st at Calver Village Hall – see http://www.ukeconet.org under events. We will be re-launching our regional deer surveys!


    • Harry says:

      Hi Ian,
      Thanks for the reply, I will come along. Got quite a few red deer antlers too would you like me to bring a few down? I just up the road from the hall.

  3. That would be great – please bring some.


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