Time to celebrate tree stories…..with a unique exhibition


Time to Celebrate Tree Stories…..with a unique exhibition

Initals and heart carved into a tree at Honiton in Devon photographed by Ian Rotherham

Initials and heart carved into a tree at Honiton in Devon photographed by Ian Rotherham

I do a lot of work on ancient trees and with organisations like the Ancient Tree Forum to promote conservation and interest in these iconic living organisms. However, whilst old trees are certainly a part of nature, they are also reflections of humanity and mirrors to our history. Many old trees bear the scars of management and have been shaped by pollarding, shredding, coppicing or stubbing. (If you don’t know what this are, then try my little book on ‘Ancient Woodland, History, Industry and Crafts’!). Of particular interest are the marks and messages inscribed into tree bark over countless centuries.

As part of the Tree Stories Project we have developed our Tree Stories Art activities and a great new website too: http://treestories-heritage.weebly.com/ – check it out for loads of images and much more information. You can get involved too by sending in your own pictures.

The Tree Stories Art project takes a close look at such tree ‘graffiti’, the importance of which extends from prehistoric times; an ancient form of communication surviving to the present day. People still use trees to record messages and leave objects embedded in them. These trees with their markings can be found in surprising places, from inner city Victorian parks and gardens to great parkland landscapes in the British countryside. In this context, South Yorkshire Biodiversity Research Group (SYBRG) are organising an Art Exhibition at the Art House in Sheffield as part of their Tree Stories Art project. This community project is funded by the Arts Council and set out to record marked and worked trees. It enabled us to work with artists using the collected Tree Stories as inspiration to create new drawings, poems and prints. The results are displayed in this exhibition which features work by artist, Tansy Lee Moir, and poet & songwriter, Sally Goldsmith. It also includes some of the community art and interactive elements from recent workshops to create new Tree Story messages.

The exhibition opens with a launch on Saturday 24th October from 11am to 1pm with chance to meet the artists and talk to the organisers about the Tree Stories Project. It will run until the 6th November; general opening times being Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

It is FREE to visit, for more information email: info@hallamec.plus.com . During school half-term week in Sheffield (26th to 31st October) there will be a series of children- and family- friendly activities linked to Trees and the Tree Stories project; please email for details and to book. There are more Tree Stories waiting to be found and you can still contribute to the project. Check out our website, http://treestories-heritage.weebly.com/ to find out more and to view some of the amazing tree graffiti already sent in from around Britain and indeed, across the world.

For more general information either email info@hallamec.plus.com or telephone 0114 272 4227; regular updates are on our http://www.ukeconet.org website.

The Tree Stories Art Exhibition is at the Art House, 8 Backfields, Sheffield, from 24th October to 6th November 2015.

Tree Stories Exhibition Publicity Flyer A5

Download the booklet below and purchase the paper copy at the exhibition or from the Wildtrack Publishing on-line bookshop [see: http://www.ukeconet.org ]:

Tree Stories Exhibition Booklet

Also, watch out for the book to be published shortly after the exhibition. Enjoy!!

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