Street Trees latest

Street Trees latest

Please do take listen today to BBC Radio Sheffield The Toby Foster Show, from 8.15am, where you will hear Cllr Julie Dore saying she is not aware that the public were offended by lack of Labour Cllrs’s attention on 1 July but she apologises if so; Colin Ross has activated this review through his coverage in the Star yesterday and the vital points he has raised. There is then a fascinating call in. Please do listen back to it – it’s easy to find – just go to the BBC Radio Sheffield site; Toby Foster’s Show. The Toby Foster Show is on from 7am but you only need to listen to it from 8.15am. It makes fascinating listening and it raises notions of much-needed procedural changes regarding how Council listen to the Sheffield public.

Talking with Cllr Shaffaq Mohammed this morning, it also sounds as if there might be a public meeting about this subject to which we can attend. I will keep you posted when I get more information on this.

Regarding the Star newspaper – please do continue to write to the letters page – despite the fact that they have indicated they are trying to draw a line under the ‘tree matter’. The way to put your letter in, is to emphasise that you are writing because it is as a matter of democracy and Council accountability, as about trees. And that is why it is so important that the Star continue to print our letters. In many ways, the Star are having to do the job SCC should have done.

Try to watch BBC Question Time tonight when Dr Deepa Shetty is part of the audience.

Many thanks.

Best regards

Louise Wilcockson

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  1. Technotronic says:

    It sounds like the leader of our Council – Cllr Dore – just wanted to tell people that they should be grateful that they get any opportunity whatsoever to attend Council or ask questions, as there is no duty that forces the Council to make such provisions. I do hope that wasn’t a veiled threat that the Labour Council may remove such provisions at their discretion! Cllr Dore also made excuses for Councillors fidgeting and playing with their phones. I don’t know about other readers, but I was always taught to be prepared prior to meetings, not to fidget and not to be discourteous. Perhaps things are a little less organised at local government level. Or, perhaps, it just boils down to a lack of information, education and communication? Perhaps their mothers never taught them any manners? Either way, I’m ashamed of the lot of them!

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