Updates on roads and street tree issues from the grassroots!

Updates on roads and street tree issues from the grassroots!

Rustlings Road tree under threat by David Garlovsky

Get involved and support the petitions – including the one below!!!

On Rustlings Road Trees from Catherine Montgomery:

Dear Professor Rotherham

I am pleased to see your support regarding the Rustling Road trees.

I walk my dog in the park every day and love the beautiful trees that make the walk so wonderful.

I have been away this week, with my partner. He took me to The Temple a Vivat Trust building surrounded by an ancient wood with a 500 year old Oak ,a Cedar of Lebanon ,which we think may have been planted by Capability Brown and a beautiful Sweet Chestnut. I was very lucky to experience this. Many people cannot go to such places, but they can walk in the parks in Sheffield, which bring joy and improve people’s quality of life reducing the stresses and strains of busy lives.

I was shocked to see that Sheffield Council, in their wisdom, appear to be ignorant of the importance of mature trees and seem to think it’s ok to destroy these and plant twigs!

Best regards

Catherine Montgomery

On Roadside Cherries at Greystones from Katy Ferris:


Dear Ian

I am a resident in Greystones S11 and supporting the campaign to save the Rustlings Road trees as well as the appeal for a citywide halt on tree felling whilst it is reviewed. I have also started a campaign to save the blossom tree outside our home on Cliffe Farm Drive, I have appealed to the council and streets ahead and they said the following:



















We can confirm that one of our qualified tree inspectors has re-visited site and has provided the following information.

The tree roots are above the tarmac in the footpath. If we retained the tree, we would not be able to reconstruct the footway, as this would cause irreparable damage to the tree. This would ultimately lead to failure and pose a risk to the highway and members of the public. In addition, these roots are too large to carry out root pruning. Please be assured that any tree is only felled as a last resort.
All trees are replaced by a species that is suitable for the location and the local modern environment. The Golden Birch has been chosen to give a variation of species. It is aesthetically pleasing and will thrive in this location.’

We have responded to say that we are not happy – and I have started a petition on change.org – I am trying to get support for the petition and wondered if you would be willing to put it on your blog.

I have attached two photos to show the tree – AMEY/STREETS AHEAD claim it is damaging the path – we cannot see that, and it is our boundary wall they appear to be concerned about but we have not seen any movement.


Kind regards

Katy Ferris

In addition, on Greystones Roadside Verges from Nicola Gilbert:

1) Subject: Removal of Grass Verges

Dear Dr Rotherham

I am writing about Amey’s indiscriminate removal of grass verges in Greystones/Ecclesall. It contravenes SCC policy on grass verge protection attached.
We understand from Cllr Jayne Dunn that there will be a review and reinstatement of some verges. On what basis they are going to judge which verges to reinstate, and who is making the decision, is unknown.

I hope that you will do what you can to protect the important environmental, visual and amenity value of these green patches.

Best wishes,

Nicola Gilbert

2) An update and more positive outcome:

Dear Ian

Thank you for your interest and help in relation to Amey’s verge removal.

I thought you should have some good news. Last week some households in Greystones received a green card from Amey with the following:

“Streets Ahead Verge Reinstatement – B49 Greystones

We recently carried out work on the verges of your road which involved repairing some of the damaged areas of the verge with road planings.

Following discussions with the Council, this has been reviewed and we will now be removing the planings and replacing the planings with soil and seed. This work will be carried out in the next four weeks. Until the grass has grown back and is established we will protect the re-seeded verges. We would ask residents to refrain from parking on the verges in the future in order to prevent verge damage.

Thank you for your co-operation and sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

For latest updates please visit http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/greystones or
follow on twitter @sccstreetsahead#SAB49 ”

We are delighted that the verges will be reinstated. If you like, I will keep you informed regarding what transpires which will depend on weather, work quality, after-care and local residents looking after them.

By the way, your excellent blog is VERY worthwhile and informative.

Thank you

Nicola Gilbert

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5 Responses to Updates on roads and street tree issues from the grassroots!

  1. Technotronic says:

    Word is that at today’s meeting at the Town Hall with Cllr Terry Fox, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, & others, Cllr Fox requested examples of Amey’s poor ground preparation for planting, poor planting practice and poor aftercare. Specifically examples that don’t comply with current arboricultural best practice guidance and recommendations as detailed in the documents below.

    Would it be OK for people to post examples on your blog Ian? Someone needs to start keeping a database & photographic record.

    Trees and Design Action Group. (2014) “Trees in Hard Landscapes: A Guide for Delivery”. TDAG http://www.tdag.org.uk/trees-in-hard-landscapes.html

    British Standard 8545:2014 “Trees: from nursery to independence in the landscape – Recommendations”.
    The standard – in its entirety! It usually costs £218, so DOWNLOAD IT NOW, while it is available in PDF format as a FREE download (no doubt it will get yoinked off the internet shortly):

    Just a suggestion, but I think that anyone concerned about ground preparation, planting or planting aftercare should ask Cllr Fox to provide a copy of the specifications for:
    ground preparation for planting;
    specifications for planting, and
    specifications for aftercare.

    If Cllr Fox is correct in his belief that current specifications and practice are in accordance with current arboricultural best practice guidance and recommendations, then he will have specifications and policies readily available, at hand, ready to provide to members of the public in an accessible, appropriate format, WITHOUT DELAY. In fact, why aren’t they online, for all to see? After all, Amey have suggested that the public should be helping care for newly planted trees (presumably to increase their profit margins…Well, perhaps I am being a little unkind there?).

    We really NEED the Council to adopt a tree strategy as Council policy to address all tree related issues!

    I wonder whether anyone at today’s meeting bothered to mention that the Council is already committed to producing a “Trees & Woodland Strategy” as part of the “Sheffield’s Great Outdoors: Green and Open Space Strategy 2010-2030″?


    It is Cllr Fox’s job to commission the strategy and ensure that it is prepared in accordance with the advice and best practice guidance and recommendations contained within “Trees in Towns 2: a new survey of urban trees in England and their condition and management” (2008), commissioned by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister – the Government department responsible for the urban environment and sustainable development of England’s towns and cities.


    The Trees in Towns II report was intended to “help shape central and local government policy on urban trees” and “encourage the LAs to develop higher standards of management in order to deliver a more efficient and effective tree programme for their communities”.

    • Technotronic says:

      By the way, BS 5837 (2012) “Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – Recommendations” also contains relevant guidance and recommendations.

      To give you some idea of what it looks like, here’s a link to a copy of the version that was withdrawn & superseded by the 2012 publication:


    • Absolutely – feel free to use the blog to post the information up – examples of poor practice etc. And send me pictures but please use WeTransfer or similar so my email doesn’t clog!!


      • Katy Ferris says:

        Really pleased to report that our trees on Cliffe Farm Drive have been saved and have it confirmed in writing from Amey/Streets Ahead. The reasoning behind it was rather confusing – as after our first complaint they said they had assessed the situation again and the trees were presenting as a danger in the longer term and damaging the path. The final correspondence states that they have now been able to do the repair works without damage to the tree and the trees no longer represent a danger etc. I say confusing – because the road works they speak of had been done before the felling notice appeared on the Tree.
        The notice had seemed very clear that the trees were to go – but its almost as if they are saying they were identified as a possible concern and although the notice went on it wasn’t a foregone conclusion….
        Anyone in the same position – keep lodging the complaint, its almost as if you have to keep on until it gets to a senior reviewer whom can then try and extricate them from the original decision.

  2. Great news – well done!


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