Heave ho…….

Heave ho…….tree risk and building subsidence

Tree heave damage










A question …..

Dear All

A Rustlings Road resident – who has signed the petition – said she is particularly worried about heave if the trees are felled. This is the first time I had heard of it. This link explains what it is:


Heave risk with tree removal

Although our trees do not predate our property, they are very much the same age. Does anyone know anything more about heave – or have any more references?


My response …..

It can be a serious risk. Changes in water can lead to ground movement – though most significant in clay soils. The longer they have been there, then the greater the likely problems. Assessing this is quite technical and affected by soil / geology, proximity, species and age – but it should be considered if buildings are close by.


And another useful and informative link ……..


And watch this courtesy of Sheffield Star!!



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One Response to Heave ho…….

  1. Katy Ferris says:

    As a resident of Cliffe Farm Drive in Greystones near to Rustlings road we are also concerned that a mature cherry blossom tree outside our home is going to be felled any day – on the basis that in the longer term it will become dangerous, we struggle to see how and have started a petition to support retaining it. We fear that removal could do more damage than Amey/streetsahead just leaving it where it has been for many years.The petition is here at http://chn.ge/1FWlBOD and explains a bit more about our situation.

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