Who chopped down the Cherry Trees?

Who chopped down the Cherry Trees?

I wonder……………….. has he been spotted in Sheffield perhaps?

George Washington

That would explain a lot!!!



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12 Responses to Who chopped down the Cherry Trees?

  1. Deepa Shetty says:

    Hi everyone! Please sign the petition below to save 12 trees on Rustlings Road from being felled:
    Many thanks! 🙂

    • Technotronic says:

      Wow! It looks like someone actually is bothering to do something!…

      Perhaps if more people did likewise, the Council would realise that citizens would like a say in the decisions that affect the environment in which they live and work. 😉

      A petition such as this is a good way to communicate such desire to key decision makers responsible for shaping, supervising and implementing policy and practice.

      • Technotronic says:

        I notice that the petition website now has a letter available for people to copy and send to decision makers responsible for shaping the environment in which you live and work. With some minor, appropriate adjustments, I think people who wish to make a difference should send to the following:

        Mr Robert Clayton (Senior Engineer for Highways Coordination, SCC): robert.clayton@sheffield.gov.uk.

        Mr David Wain (Technical Officer and leader of the Environmental Maintenance Technical Team within the Council’s Highway Maintenance Division, SCC);

        Cllr Terry Fox (Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport): terry.fox2@sheffield.gov.uk

        The Head of Forward Planning (SCC)

    • Jerome says:

      I spent hours on the phone and emails back in late 2013, early 2014, talking with Ian Conwill, Jack Scott and the rest of this band of people, trying to get them to understand just how retrograde their actions/inactions are, both in felling vast swathes of healthy trees, and also in their actions (in relation to Streets Ahead) effacing their accountability to the public. The impression they left me with is that they have no concern for either the trees of Sheffield or for the voice of the public. Quite the opposite, as was exemplified by my email address being blocked from further correspondence with them. They would share absolutely no plans for the Streets Ahead work and insisted that informing (not consulting) only a tiny minority of the population, constituted a ‘consultation’. Ian Conwill also really concerned me on his attitude towards Tree Preservation orders, justifying some absolute butchery to healthy TPO beech trees around the university. I grew tired of these people long ago. It truly seems that they have anything but the best interests of the public and the trees of Sheffield at heart.
      One only has to cast a glance at the new street lighting around Sheffield to see just how distanced the likes of Amey Construction are from the desires of the people. The lights look better suited to prison camps…… Utterly appalling. I hope that this unnecessary assault on Sheffield stops as soon as possible and would hope that these mass petitions etc are possibly a more effective way to get the Council to listen.

    • Rich Ward says:

      Signed. Thank you for your efforts. Tweet me at rbw66 if I can assist.

  2. A moratorium is urgently needed to halt all proposed plans to cut down anymore trees in Sheffield . This would provide the opportunity for Amey/SCC to reassess their current contract. It may also be necessary to bring in independent experts to conduct detailed examinations of the health of any individual tree that is identified by Amey/SCC to be cut down due to pavement and curb disruption due to the roots of trees, and to explore alternative solutions to pavements

    • Technotronic says:

      That sounds reasonable, given all the circumstances. There must be a provision within Sheffield City Council’s contract with Amey for review and revision to accommodate changes in policy and best practice guidance and recommendations. Surely?

      • Technotronic says:

        BTW, I don’t think tree health is the issue for the majority of the trees in the Rustlings Rd case. Pavements and kerbs appear to be the problem. This is a highways engineering issue, not a tree health issue. …Well, not unless they damage the roots while doing works to the pavements and kerbs, by not following current arboricultural best practice guidance and recommendetions, as detailed in the National Joint Utilities Group (NJUG) documents (such as “Volume 4: NJUG Guidelines for The Planning, Installation and Maintenance of Utility Apparatus in Proximity to Trees [Issue 2]”), and contained within British Standard 5837 (2012) “Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction”.


  3. Can SHU’s Professor Ian Rotherham signpost me to the best way to let the students of SHU know about the felling on 8 June of the Rustlings Road trees?

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