Petition to save Bowden Housteads Wood from development

Petition to save Bowden Housteads Wood from development


Please sign up and circulate to friends to do similarly.

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One Response to Petition to save Bowden Housteads Wood from development

  1. Maxwell A. Ayamba says:

    Ian’s Walk is the most informative environmental blog that as a Black & Ethnic Minority person I will say I have across as it is trying to raise awareness among ordinary people about their environmental rights and how to become empowered in order to get involved. The Bowden Housteds in the Darnall area of Sheffield for example, which also happens to be predominantly BME is under threat. Unfortuanately the BME people living there have no clue what is happening in their backyard which is typical, because for generations BME communities and people from deprived white communities have not been involved in management and conservation of their local environments. The Burngreave New Deal was a good example of a failed policy. On many occassions there is no consultations with people in these communities either by the Council or private developers for local people to be informed about what is going on. Although we speak of human rights, yet people’s right to their environment constitutes their human right, however this is either being denied or abused as highlighted in the Bowden Housteads case as well as many other examples, where violations of local people’s rights as custodians of their local heritage has taken place.
    My research into BME communities in particular indicate that for generations they have always been on the margins when it comes to do with issues of the environment in this country. They are merely recepients of Big Lottery Funded, Natural England or Heritage Lottery projects which are mostly receational and leisure oriented but not reallyempowering them to become involved in management and conservation of their local heritage, which has led to a viscious cirlce of non-inclusion and non-participation of generations of BME people in the environmental agenda.
    Ian’s Walk without doubt is very important if people are to become empowered to take control of their local heritage and environment and to become involved. The rise in all kinds of diseases in deprived poor quality environments is a cause for concern as the natural environment is only seen or regarded as an economic resource base without taking into account the impact of the environment on the health and well-being of local people. It is hight time that local people become empowered in order to hold politicians to account. Well done Ian, keep the ecological battle going.

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